Promoting Confident, Heroic, Inspiring, Courageous moms


We empower mothers through our programming and events while strengthening households to create better communities.  We focus on mothers because we believe the mother is the resilience of the household. She is the strength, the courage, and the spirit of the home. CHICmom Organization is for minority mothers who are career-driven and goal-oriented. We aim to change the narrative for our families and communities; we exist to provide mothers with the resources to live our best lives inside and outside the household. We believe that your mindset and your reality is shaped by your social influences,  environment, and exposure. In hindsight, mothers are better parents when they're walking in their purpose and have a strong support group along the way.  We thrive off our mottos, "role models start at home," and "together we're stronger." 

CHICmom's are Confident in their journey, Heroic at home, Inspiring to others, and Courageous enough to follow their dreams and goals while teaching their children to do the same.