Welcome to the CHICmom Blog. I am so excited about the growth of CHICmom. What started two years ago, continues to grow and flourish and I couldn't be more pleased. Here I will share personal stories, ask questions, talk about fun stuff too (because we need that)! This has been a long journey, and I can't say it has been easy, actually it hasn't. There have been countless times I thought about giving up and scratching the whole idea, but I made a promise to myself to keep going, no matter what thoughts or feelings the devil tries to throw at me. So here it is CHICmom. I am learning as I grow, I'm no mommy expert, which is the exact reason I started this organization. We all need each other, and we need positive people around us to walk in our divine purpose. Purpose finding is no quick Q&A, or one workshop, or speech it is a life journey. The world will teach differently but it takes time, and thats one thing I am learning to make my best friend TIME! Yes, I fall victim to one of those millennials that wants everything now and fast. But the more I am growing, the more I'm learning life doesn't work that way and God certainly doesn't either. So I am giving myself time to learn, and grow, and discovery myself, marriage and mommy hood. I hope you enjoy our blog post and our events. I welcome you to the journey!! Warm hearts and hugs!!**