Mamas in Business- CHIC Notes!

This weekend I turned 31! (insert yarn)! I had a good ole house party, launched CHICmom promo video (see below) but I also went on a solo trip to New York for a mama filled event with mama bosses on the panel discussing how to manage business, relationships, purpose and life (it even sounds exhausting lol.) 


For starters, I can't recall the last time I've been on a solo mission. Although it was only for one day, I usually call a close friend and say, "girl you're going with me." This time I asked hubby if he would mind watching the children for a day, once he said yes, my flight and hotel were booked! 

Still, I was a little nervous because I wasn't going to be in my comfort zone, but I pulled up my big girl underwear and did it! 

I'm here for women supporting women, I'm not quite sure why it's so hard to do, but when I see it done well, my heart is happy. Speaking of supporting other women, heading to the airport I grabbed my handy "Then God Made Women" tote. ( Can you say perfect to carry your laptop, outfit, and other necessities for a quick trip, and no bag check!) Threw my notebook and pen that I received for my birthday in the bag and I was ready to go! 


Once I arrived the vibe was so refreshing, I met some really cool ladies at check-in and they became my stranger-friends. We sat next to each other, swamped instagram accounts (the new business cards) and come to find out, I just made stranger-friends with a fashion designer who happens to have a CHIC fashion brand (yes Girl power!). 


The program started and I was in awe that it modeled our annual Spill the Tea format, with a panelist, questions and lastly an open Q&A audience format. It was pretty amazing to see two mamas who never met have such similar events in two completely different cities. It served as confirmation, that this is needed! Here's CHICmom Key Takeaways: 

1. Everything you need you already have. It's all in you. Listen to yourself, and trust your instinct. ~ Mashonda Tifrere 

2. Find a mentor in the business you're seeking to be in but be willing to WORK! Stay consistent, and make time for your passion. If it's truly something you really want you will make time for it. Sacrifices will have to be made, but you will find a way to get it done. "Motherhood didn't stop me from pursuing my goals, my child adjusted to my life, and not the other way around."   ~Tricia Smith-Brown

3. There's enough room for everyone to succeed. Concentrate on your goals and your mission and the rest will follow . ~ Miriam Milord 

4. Have great people around you. People that inspire you, and you inspire them. People that encourages and fills your personal space. ~ Mashonda Tifrere 

5. On dating: Have your great girlfriends, don't make finding the right man your focus. There's enough men out here that will love and accept everything you have to offer. Also, make sure when you find a partner he support your goals. ~Michelle Seelinger & Tricia Smith-Brown

6. Everyone can't quit their day job, you have to find what works for you and your family. Sometimes you may have to work both; your passion project and your 9-5 until the time is right. Don't do anything for money, work on your passion and the money will follow. ~Michelle Seelinger

7. Marriage and passion: Everything requires a sense of balance and commitment. Sometimes you have to train the people around you when you step outside of your normal routine. This means having clear communication about what changes, roles, expectations, and etc. Also train yourself to be present, and step away from the phone. ~Majoriet Matute

8. Be easy on yourself. Sometimes you might need a day off. Time to think, relax, or just time to self. Take that time! ~Mashonda Tifrere 

9. Success isn't defined by monetary things, it's the decision to set goals, and achieve them. To keep going day to day. Not measuring yourself to others, or by your setbacks, instead measure yourself by the things you did overcome. ~Misa Hylton

10. When networking develop relationships first, don't make everything about what's in it for me, people can sense through that.  Relationship building is key. ~Tricia Smith-Brown


I had such a great time. Everything was confirmation for the direction of CHICmom. I met the lovely Melanie Marie, the hostess of the afternoon, lifestyle blogger, and jewelry designer. 


Lastly, once the event was over, I had pretty elaborate plans to navigate through the city, and have fine dining alone. Welp! I ended up in my hotel room by 8pm, (I did find time for shopping lol) In the bed, ordered room service, (that was expensive for no reason) and watched a movie (can you say peaceful me time!)  Until next time.