CHIC in your career! (Recap)

Mother's day may have ended but being a mom never stops! There's never a pause button on motherhood, it’s a selfless role, a role full of adventure, and ups and downs but it’s one that has everlasting meaning. It’s our mission at CHICmom to make motherhood a positive journey, a jouney of support, encouragement, and wisdom. That’s exactly what took place at our annual Mother’s Day brunch. Forty mothers from all different walks of life gathered together to celebrate motherhood. 

The afternoon started with our mom’s trivia game, guest paired in groups, and had the task to name their team. The names showed just how unique our moms are, there was the Detroit Divas, Fab Five, Natural beauties, Glam, and more. 

After brunch we enjoyed our fabulous speaker, Janice Cosby. Janice is the mother of two, Chief Marketing Director of Ascension Michigan, and is unapologetically fabulous. Our topic this year was, ‘being CHIC in your career’! To understand the energy in this room you just had to be there, but for now we’ll try our best to relive that energy here.

Here’s our top takeaways from our keynote speaker:

  1. “There’s no one else in this world I want to be like, but myself.” Remarked Janice Cosby. Authenticity always win.” In others words be the best version of you that you can be. Put your best foot forward and be your true self. It’s uncomfortable trying to be like someone, and you’re truly doing yourself a disservice. You’re unique, you’re you. Don’t hide that person.
  2. Respect the people that are willing to help you. Ohh! Good one. We all have someone in our corner, despite the world mantra’s “Look out for yourself” this may not always be the case. There’s someone in your life rooting for you, wanting to see you succeed. Once you recognize that person, do yourself a favor and please respect that individual. Don’t try to cut corners, or go behind someone’s back. In other’s words, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you!
  3. Dress for success. You’re always on an interview, even if you already have the job. Someone is always watching. Don’t make the mistake to think you don’t have to dress the part. Janice even went into detail about showing our tattoos, skirts too short, and etc. Yes, ladies this matters. I know we’re living in a freer world, but we can’t get away from that fact, that people judge you by what they see.
  4. Find the person you want to be like, and find the person you don’t want to be like. You can learn from both. I have been fortunate to have found both. Notice the differences between the two, jot down reasons you inspire to be like that person, also jot down the reason you don’t want to be like the other. When it boils down to it, it will have a lot to do with your values.
  5. Be heard. Speak up, and add value. Attend meetings and add value, include your input if it could strengthen your company and your role. Be attentive, do your research, show up, and give it your all. Do your work and do it well! People remember those who add value. Period.
  6. Know what you want and go for it. You’re in charge of your career and your destiny, it’s not the other way around. You decide your path, your roles, and yes ladies even your pay!! (men have been doing it for years!)  Take charge, and go for it. Don’t alter your plans because of fear, find a way and make it happen. It all starts with you making the decision to basically go hard or go home! The real world is not for softies, it’s for determined fearless people, they say you can’t stop a woman with a plan. What’s your plan ladies?
  7. Speaking of a plan, don’t be afraid to move to further your career, if you have the means to do so. Janice spoke on how the trajectory of her career shifted when she decided to move for a better opportunity. Don’t get stuck, if opportunity awaits you elsewhere, you better get to getting!
  8. When in doubt ask! Janice talked about how she was denied a position, because she was told she didn’t fit the role. Well that wasn’t good enough for her, so what did she do? She called back and asked the director to take another look at her resume. Guess what happens next, yes, she got that job. We hear no so much that we’re almost immune to it. We can’t cut ourselves short, especially when we know we're qualified. Don’t bombard but do question if doubt enters your soul, we know the feeling, pay attention to that feeling, and act upon it. And if you're an entrepreneur keep going, don't take no for an answer, find your own path and strut it with confidence and class.
  9. Find you a mentor. Someone who will take you under their wings, teach and coach you at the same time. Mentors pay off, find someone in your desired career or entrepreneurial field. 
  10. Find a company that offers work, life, balance. Yes these companies do exist. If you need to work from home a couple days a week, find a company that offers this, or ask your employer. You don't know until you ask. Working till you're blue in the face isn't healthy for anyone, even the striving entrepreneur. You must find a way to juggle your work life, home life, and your personal life. We like that Janice spoke on balance in this sense that it's never really ever a complete balance. There will be times when work requires more, and times when it home requires more of your attention, the key is to never get to far away from the other. Never get too focused on work that you forget home. Find a way to structure balance in your life. Rather it's setting Fridays for family day (this is my go-to), limiting phone usage at home, or taking your work email off your phone, if it doesn't affect your work. Balance is no one size fits all. You have to find your own sweet spot.

We had an amazing time, Janice was phenomenal, the attendees were amazing, and the vibe was perfect. No literally it was perfect.


We awarded Taylor, as our single mother recipient for defeating opposition in her personal journey, as a single mom, while continuing to strive for her goals. Taylor started her mother’s day weekend as a graduate. YES!!! Taylor was awarded a mother’s day basket filled with goodies from local businesses from our hometown, including The LipBar, Detroit Rock City, Trinkets and Such, The Luxe Touch , Bare Skin Detroit and more.. This was Taylor's first time at our CHICmom outings, she enjoyed herself so much, she just recently became a CHICmom. Welcome to the community! 

Congratulations Taylor!

Attendees left with a mom swag bag sponsored by Sweet Candle Company, which included CHIC miniature candles that smelled amazing!!!!

And treats from Fruitful Fudge which tasted delicious. 


We had a blast, until we meet again!