We Spilled the Tea


Yes, we Spilled the Tea again. Every year we host our annual Spill the Tea event to educate and encourage moms through real life stories, from real life mamas (because being a mom is hard). This year we had a panel of six mothers from all different walks of life. We had to swamp one mother because her daughter got sick, (true realities of us mamas, huh?) but none the less we made it work. The panelist consisted of career moms, entrepreneur moms, corporate moms, fashion moms, some married, others dating, and some single. We represented everyone, there’s no one size fits all to parenting. The event was amazing. Held in Downtown Detroit at the CHIC, North End Collective. Mothers enjoyed shopping one of a kind pieces, elegant jewelry and lavish bath and body products. This store was basically a gem in our own backyard. It’s owned by four ladies, and they’re bringing it correct. If you're in the Detroit area, I highly suggest you make your way to this store, tell them CHICmom sent ya! It’s serisoully a one stop shop. Each year we host our Spill the Tea event at a local business because not only do we believe in empowering others, but we also strongly believing in supporting our community.


Guest arrived at 3:00pm and wasted no time networking and chatting with each other. Around 4:15pm, we started the panel. Once the panel started it was hard to stop, I’m pretty sure we could have easily been there all night. We covered everything from finances, to balance, friendship, schooling, co-parenting, mental health, and the list goes on. The panelist was open, honest and vulnerable. 

We shared personal testimonies, struggles, and coping mechanisms with life’s not so fonding moments (because adulting gets real). We had serious conversations, but we laughed so much, that people walking by might of wondered if it was a comedy show going on. In essence, the vibes were so genuine. It was like a girlfriend chat in the living room of your own home, but with wine and shopping, basically your perfect girls night.  It was amazing! 



The evening ended with attendees creating their own CHICmom devotional to carry around in their car, on their desk, or wherever is visible. I personally put mines on my desk at home. I live by devotionals, so this was a fun part to incorporate. Last by not least, we all said our CHICmom mantra to live by; I am Confident, Heroic, Inspiring and Courageous. I can't say it enough, we had an amazing time. The attendees were very engaging and everyone left with tips to use in their own lives. We’re all about mixing fun with education,  and this covered all bases. We also have to acknowledge our raffle sponsor, Tealing & CO who sponsored a box of tea, and infusers for a lucky mama, which was so fitting for this event. We also can't forget our delicious strawberry cupcakes made by a mama of two (yes, we love supporting other moms businesses). 





We love coming together as a community to support one another. Our mission is it equip mothers to live their lives OUT LOUD, while also being role models at home. Mothers carry a lot on our plate, and most times don’t get enough credit, but at CHICmom we make sure we're supporting one another, while providing engaging social events to create a unique transparent space for mothers. We have so much in store for 2018. Special thank you to our repeating attendees for  joining us again for our 2nd annual Spill the Tea event.