Launch a Chapter 

CHICmom Organization truly believes in our mission to educate and empower mothers across the globe. If your city has an interest to be a part of our mission please see the first three steps below. Once reviewed, please contact us to proceed to the next steps. We're looking forward to having CHICmom in your city. 

Identify the Who

As a non-profit we're strongly governed by a passionate group of Board of Directors. To start with a chapter in your city, identify at least three board members who will serve on your organization's board. Start with social media post (that's how we got started), ask around, make sure there's a need in your city!


Identify the What

Think about your market. What types of events would you like to see in your city. Remember all chapter events have to  exemplify the three focus areas: 1. Educational, 2. Cultural or 3. Social & Wellness. Check out our Programs and Events page for a reference. 

Identify the When

Now that you have some of the logistics figured out, think about a start date for this organization in your city. Once you have the Who, What, and When it's time to get started!!! View the CHICmom checklist below, don't get overwhelmed, we offer tons of support. Contact us for your informational call, and let's start a CHICmom in your city!